Play as a hot dog in a weird 3D world

After making Repsim (my other app), I dove back into Unity to bring to life a funny hot dog character that I created. Bit-by-bit I built a little world for my hot dog to explore and share with others.

This project is still extremely rough and will change a lot. Still... I want to post what I have to showcase my abilities and to see what others think of these ideas. The progress you see in the video below was made in about two weeks total.

ALL assets were made from scratch (3D models, textures, music, scripts, all of it).

Use my contact form below to let me know if you want a playable demo!

This page was last updated in late December 2022.

Meet the Cast:

Weenie Peaf is a curious hot dog who always seems to stumble upon odd characters and tough situations! Grab a bun to super charge your jump height and run speed! Be a pacifist and run away!

Hot coals just wanna cook anything in site, including fresh meat. Weenie Peaf is target number one for any and all hot coals wandering about. Peaf watch out!

Mouth Dress is a fancy prancer who just will not tolerate any hot dogs walking about willy-nilly like they haven't a care about hats, style, or any real garments... a bun just won't cut it! And what's with those little hot dog underwear?!

Toe Bro isn't sure what to do next, but it sure as hell won't have anything to do with being nice!

Toe Bro is yet to be implemented in the game, but I am working on animating this character for maximum grossness.