Taking a time-out...

I've taken a full-time job! For now, I'll hang onto this website as a portfolio and wish you the absolute best! Thanks for stopping by and have a look at the interactive projects below, as well as the links in the menu bar :)

Games & 
Interactive Projects

Here are a few projects made from scratch in Unity. All 3D assets are made in Bender, with 2D art done in Affinity designer, and all music is made in Logic Pro X.

Repsim is a nerdy science sim with a funky soundtrack, Weenie Peaf's Diner is a 3D platformer that is a work in progress, and SimSand is a handful of standalone physics simulation/snow-globes.

I'd love to help you make games, simulations or interactive art installations. This is the field in which I'd really like to work and continue growing.

Click on the app icons below to learn more about them, and play them!

Websites and Logos

Video, Audio & Ads

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Abo Dabo?

I'm Van and I have a passion for absurdity and minimalism. Together, those two can be a potent combo.

Anyway, the origin of "abo dabo" is a bit of a story. I can fill you in if we end up working on something together :)

I'm hooked on learning and making. I really believe that if  we're all a bit more curious, we'll be more humble, learn more, feel more empathy, and leave things better than we found them.

I'm still practicing.

My background is really varied. I've done 2D graphic design professionally for over 8 years and much longer as a hobby. I fell in love with 3D about 6 years ago and I can't stop. I've played with music and audio production for 20 years, which makes me feel old...